DC Comics Graphic Novel Collection Vol. 79: Hawkman Endless Flight Part 1

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HAWKMAN: ENDLESS FLIGHT Originally published as Hawkman #1–6 (2002) and Hawkman Secret Files & Origins #1 (1940).

Hawkman #1–6:

He’s lived hundreds of lives, his soul reincarnated again and again, destined forever to be reunited with his true love. That is, until now... Prince Khufu’s soulmate has been reincarnated into the body of Kendra Saunders, also known as Hawkgirl. But with no memories of her past lives, Kendra has made it quite clear she wants nothing to do with Hawkman.

Follow the two star-crossed heroes as they unravel the mysteries of the enigmatic Southern town called St. Roch, travel to exotic lands, and battle creatures and villains of ancient and new myth.


Long ago, Prince Khufu and his beloved, Shiera, were killed by the prince’s enemy, Hath-Set. As he dies, Khufu vows to be reincarnated until he can avenge his death. Reincarnated as weapons collector Carter Hall, he must find his soulmate and defeat his foe.

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